DNA and Chromosomes Aberrations Branch (DCAB)
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DCAB Staff

Mietz, Judy, Ph.D.Chief
Okano, Paul, Ph.D.Program Director
Pelroy, Richard, Ph.D.Program Director
Johnson, Ron, Ph.D. Program Director
Sharman, Anu, M.S.Program Associate Director

The DNA and Chromosome Aberrations Branch (DCAB) plans and administers a broadly-based extramural program of grants in the area of cancer genetics and epigenetics, including regulation of gene expression, mechanisms of DNA damage/repair, genomic instability and related molecular, cytogenetic, and chromosomal effects during induction and progression to malignancy.

Program Areas

Gene Regulation

Chemical and structural modifications of DNA, transcriptional regulation, chromatin modifications, nuclear architecture; role of ncRNAs; epigenetic mechanisms.

Cytogenetic and Molecular Structure/Function Analysis

Cytogenetic and molecular structure/function analysis of induced and spontaneous chromosome aberrations that are associated with genomic instability and cancer induction (e.g., translocations, amplifications, deletions, fragile sites).

Gene Discovery

Mapping and characterization of new cancer genes.

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Structural Biology of Carcinogens

Carcinogen-induced (e.g., radiation, chemicals, etc.) and endogenous DNA repair mechanisms (e.g., nucleotide and base excision, recombination, mismatch repair pathways).

Mechanisms of DNA Damage and Repair

Mechanisms of DNA damage-inducible signaling, resulting perturbations to the cell-cycle, and regulation of apoptosis or other mechanisms of programmed cell death.